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My manfriend is still in close contact with his most recent ex in a way which is troubling me. I know he has remained close to a few of his ex’s which doesn’t concern me at all (he has the right to be friends with anyone) but the most recent ex is still extremely needy. She sends him nasty texts

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Just two hours a week. That’s all it takes to affair-proof and divorce-proof your marriage. After years of reading, writing, and speaking on marriage, and a few less years doing some pastoral counseling, I’ve identified two things that, when they are in place, can almost guarantee that your spouse won’t have an affair and […]

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How do you know if your husband lying about cheating? These ways to tell if he’s having an affair are from marriage counselor Gary Neuman, interviewed by Dr Oz.

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Last year, retired Sacramento paramedic and firefighter Jesse Beltran says he visited a dentist for what he thought was a standard procedure. Upon waking nearly four hours later, unbeknownst to Beltran, he believes a Radio-Frequency IDentification (RFID) chip had been implanted in the rear area of

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One of Bitcoin’s first coders describes Craig Wright’s private “proof” that he created the cryptocurrency, in contrast with his flimsy public evidence.

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This past weekend Malcolm Richards and Lindsey Scherf established new indoor marathon world records, in one of running’s most mentally brutal events.

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Let’s get something straight right off the top: | The fact a building full of white people dressed in white spent Tuesday night at Bell MTS Place lustily booing Nashville Predators defenceman P.K. Subban is no more proof this city is racist than the fact those same people cheering for Winnipeg Jets defenceman Dustin Byfuglien all night is

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When your husband is lying about cheating, he’ll turn away from you – and you know he’s cheating! If their belly button faces the door or exit, it’s because subconsciously they want to leave or escape.

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